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Apples to make real cider

Picking apples with the Bignose & Beardy Cider Club

Picking apples to make Bignose & Beardy Cider

I recently met Steve & Phil who set up Bignose & Beardy Sussex Cider as their Friday job to get them out in the fresh air picking apples and making real cider with friends. They adopt a slow but satisfying way of making something that tastes really good. They let the pressed apple ferment in small batches for months and months and just let nature do its thing.

I like their style, particularly as half the reason I set up Slightly Nomadic was as a way of spending more time in the countryside, though rather than being my Friday job camping it my summer weekends job. Like the cider making, by creating a chilled, quiet campsite I hope to encourage campers to take things slowly and keep it simple.

Apple picking wasn't rushed. I arrived at 10.30am with my teenage children ( yes persuaded them to come!) and dog and we drove in convoy to different orchards near Framfield that had surplus fruit people were happy to donate to the cider making cause (I believe they'll receive some cider in return). We enjoyed a delicious BBQ at the Phil's house, which is also home to the pressing equipment, a little cider tasting and then a bit more picking in the afternoon. In my opinion it's a top way to enjoy an autumnal day. They have another picking day on 15th Oct if you'd like to join them.

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