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The Happy Startup Summercamp 2017

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Bridget Hamilton founder Slightly Nomadic

I just wanted to share that last weekend I camped at Busses Farm near East Grinstead, joining the Happy Startup Summercamp - a large group of incredibly positive people who are either running businesses that do amazing things, or setting ones up that put purpose before profit.

People like Ole Kassow from Denmark who set up Cycling Without Age in 2012 and as a result over 50,000 elderly people in 37 countries have now enjoyed rides; and Sarah Jordan who has created Y.O.U Underwear so you can buy pants that feel good and do good for others; and Tim Holtan of the Brighton Table Tennis Club, which is an amazing organisation where local residents - from youngsters to octogenarians, refugees, asylum seekers and those with disabilities come together to play table tennis, compete, make friends and enjoy a space where they belong

Over the three days I listened to inspiring talks by these and many other speakers. It really was a case of wow, what you are doing is so brilliant and has such a positive impact on others.

There were also workshops and a range of activities including a night walk, cider-making and an early morning silent disco!

I admit I was a little apprehensive about going to Summercamp. I feared that it might all be a bit too hippie and ‘deep’ for me, or a ‘too cool for school’; or that my small kid-free, off- grid campsite might seem a bit insignificant in comparison to what other people were achieving. But actually it wasn’t like that at all. Everyone was just really open, engaging and supportive, interested in new ideas and keen to share their experiences in order to help other businesses grow. There were no egos, which was really refreshing, just lots of talking, listening, laughing and dancing, oh and some Karaoke at 9.30am!

By Saturday evening I felt I was starting to ease into this new tribe and by Sunday lunchtime I realised that I did belong and also that the camping experience I’m creating does fit with Happy Startup’s ideals. Slightly Nomadic is an alternative to family camping and as such provides a quiet and beautiful natural space where busy people can unplug, take things slowly and enjoy simple pleasures, such as chatting around a campfire, or boiling a kettle for a hot shower.

Summercamp was exhilarating, but this week I’ve felt exhausted as I make sense of all that I’ve been exposed to. However, the great thing is that even though I’m feeling knackered a weight has been lifted. I’m no longer on my own, instead I now have people I can ask to help me grow my business and grow as a person.

If you’d like to find out more please check out Happy Startup School or follow its founders Carlos Saba and Laurence McCahill on Medium or twitter and

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